Monday, August 14, 2006


I have been pretty slammed the last few days, so I haven't got a chance to talk about the Amazing Salmon Extravaganza at the M's or the impromptu audition(?) and hand-drum lesson that ensued.

I haven't mentioned that I've had to miss my piano lesson for weeks in a row, or that I was... AM helping put on a student leadership retreat, so I missed Mass, the blues guitar concert at the skinny townhouses across the street... tomorrow is the Feragosto party, but since I will be working I will have to arrive late.

Seattle University is not a good place to have a convention. Today I complained to the front desk about our air conditioning not working, and they looked in a book and found that the building wasn't air conditioned at all, it's got a "cooling system" that keeps it to a 'cool' 80 degrees.

So I ask, well, do you have any fans we could use (seeing a fan directly behind them in a storage room, gathering dust). No, not that we could loan out. But the student store is open. The woman looked me straight in the eye.

So the convention staff, at the place we were having a convention.... told me to GO BUY A FAN.

Ok, I have to go make a powerpoint presentation look more Asian.

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