Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Memoriam

The more I find out about SPD's Joselito Barber's recent death, the sadder it becomes. He graduated the year before I started teaching at his high school.

Fresh out of the academy, out on patrol in the CD. Crushed to death in a high speed collision versus and SUV running a red light at 80mph.

Flags all over the city have been at half mast for the last three days; people are leaving flowers at the crash site at 23rd and Yesler. A police honor guard is there, along with an empty police cruiser with lights flashing. The honor guard will remain until the funeral.

When I drove by last night, there were news crews setting up their shots. There is something very vulture-like about news crews and their trucks, and their lights, and their pushy reporters angling for a spot to broadcast from, standing around and chatting as they wait to go live.

Update: My cowsins hung out with Barber in high school. They went to the memorial to leave flowers, didn't plan on talking to the news. But cowsin S just couldn't resist the charms of King 5's Mimi Jung.

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