Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's Reading?

I went to J & B's tapas party this evening; it was really fun. The food was great, the sangria was tastey, it was a perfect evening, to sit out on the "veranda" and meet other people's friends.

Spanish D had an explanation of why I always got poured a free drink where ever I went in Catalunya. First of all, they liked me, because I'm charming. Agreed. Second, he said, they are nicer to non Spaniards, wanting to ensure that we have a better time in Catalunya than in the rest of Spain, so that we would be sympathetic to Catalan separatism.

Perhaps. I am hella charming, though.

There was some discussion about who reads my blog, and one person specifically seemed to disapprove, finding it unsympathetic to colleagues, parents, and students.

First of all, it is a surprise when I meet someone who reads my this blog, especially when it's someone I know. This blog is my journal, and yes, it's open for the public to read. The premise is that I have a life outside of work, my work is not my identity. My life is interesting and worth reading about. Sometimes, when my work life becomes very important, then I blog about it. But I'm careful when it comes to collegues, students, and parents; the purpose is to remember it for posterity, not to expose anyone. Besides, this blog is about my life, not about theirs.

Some of you might find me to be judgemental, and I've noticed that there is a belief that teachers should be impartial and non judgemental. For some reason, when students, parents, or collegues behave like garbage, I as a teacher am supposed to remain impartial and non judgemental in the interest of fairness.

What a fat pile of shit. In society, words count, actions count. People judge you, and you have to take responsibility for your words and actions. Teachers are not supposed to love everybody unconditionally. I don't even think that teachers are supposed to love ANYBODY unconditionally. We do, as a matter of praticality, have to forgive more than most people, but honestly, when we sign our teaching contracts, we are still human beings.

And like human beings, when you lie to us, we resent you. When you dress inappropriately, we think less of you. When you do not pay attention in class, we don't want you there. And you know what? YOU DESERVE IT.

And if the issue becomes important to my life, I will blog about it. And if it's unflattering or unfair, tough shit. I'm not here to blog about fair. I am not the arbiter of fairness. I am a person who is entitled thoughts, feelings, and opinions. And I will take responsibility for my words.

Anyway, chill out, because I prefer not to blog about you or remember you. You will only appear on this page if I find something you did or said more interesting than ME. So not often. Remember, I am an egomaniac.

So who reads? My family. My friends from grad school, and some of their readers. Also, some people who stumble across my blog through Google; included in this group are Swedish Arne and all the people that came through Crispy Waffle, inlcuding all the St. T's pinoys. Right now, there's a bunch of kids from all over the Korean diaspora, amazed at the thought of strawberry gochuchan. I do have some work-related readers, my friend A and her sister J. There are some mystery people, like the regular mystery reader from Dublin.

Who else? Some random clickers.

What happens when a gross parent finds this site, put two and two together, and read about how they act like they own me?

The problem is not that I posted it. The problem is that I believe it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Look, there's the comment button!

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