Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Torslanda, Sweden.

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Here's a picture of the Volvo factory in Torslanda, Sweden. I'm posting it here because I noticed from my map that I'm getting a hit from Torslanda, Vastra Gotaland in Sweden, every day.

Who are you, my Swedish audience? Do I know you? Do I like you? Why are you reading? Welcome, of course; actually, thanks for reading! Anyway, just curious. And also checking to see if you're a stalker (I've never had a Swedesh stalker before!).

Also, shout out to Raleigh, North Carolina; Alameda, Mexico; and all those folks who have wandered over for Luc Cagadog and the haiku festival.

Drop me an email or a comment, I'd love to know who's reading!

Oh yah, Tian from Hanzi Smatter got back to me about my last name in Kanji. He wasn't that excited. In fact, he gave me a rather bland answer: he sent me here. None of the joy my friend M said about my last nam. Oh well.

Listen, if you'd like to know how pregnancy happens, click here for a little movie (thanks, ding).


Arne said...

Spending Xmas in Seattle, again, from Lucia to New Year, I also got the pleasure of visiting Tony's Bakery and Viet Wah on Martin Luther King. When googling for "Tony's bakery" back home, this was the most interesting place found, so I keep on reading...

Yes, the picture shows the Volvo Cars (i.e. Ford) factory, but the church is prettier (late 12th century).

If a stalker, then as in the movie by Tarkovskij (after the book by the Strugatskij brothers).

Now, you've gotten me started on commenting...

john patrick said...


I'm so glad you commented! I didn't know Swedish people were into Vietnamese deli! I hope you enjoyed south Seattle! MLK Blvd has been and is going to be a mess until the train gets built.

So wow, Sweden, huh? Do you know my friend Kristor? (just kidding)

Well, I'm off to Tony's Deli right now. Let me know if there's anyplace else in Seattle you'd like to know about!