Monday, July 31, 2006

Restaurants and Carbon Emissions.

Some Places I Think I Like A Lot
Sunfish Cafe fish & chips (Alki). It's a couple of Greek guys and a lady. The fish is always perfect, and they offer a combo: salmon, oysters, prawns, and chips.
Pacific Inn fish & chips, Stone (Wallingford) Well seasoned, herby fish and chips.
Tat's Deli steak & cheese subs. Occidental Ave (Pioneer Square). Open at 7am for breakfast! that will change my life. I haven't yet had a cheesesteak there; there's a line out the door when I get out of Chinese class. It's also open late though...
Chiang's Gourmet northern Chinese food (Lake City and Renton). Two menus, one for Chinese people, the other for the gringos. My laoshi saw a lot of different regions on the menu, but I told her that we ordered Home Made Noodles Ground Pork & Diced Dry Bean Curd w/Bean Paste Sauce; and Shredded Pork w/ Dried Bean Curd Sheets. She said, hey, that's Beijing cai!

Some Things I Did To Cut My CO2 Emissions
Bought a bus pass for the month of August
Bought dark colored t-shirts and underwear

I want to be a one-load-of-laundry-a-week type of guy, and for so long, that load has been whites, which means hot water. Now, I've equipped myself with dark-colored underwear. Cold water wash equals less electricity, which in turn equals less carbon emissions. Theoretically.

Actually, our power here in the 206 is hydroelectric. Oh well, I'm setting a good example.


Orange said...

Two ways you could further cut down on your emissions: bikini underwear (smaller, can fit more into the washer at once) or go commando.

myrna said...

Refrain from eating beans!!!

Changeseeker said...

I didn't turn on my A/C this year (and I live in Tampa!). I feel so smug, I don't even mind the sweating all that much. At least most of the time.

Anyway, I like living, setting a good example (as you put it), and participating in the process of leaving a living world behind me when I go way more than I like being cool.