Friday, June 02, 2006

Grades are in.

Ok, folks, grades are IN. I have a few ceremonial duties next week, but mostly I show up to work to clean my desk and to goof around. I hung out at work until 3 today, then came home and made some chili.

I never made chili before today, and apparently I am not a patient man, because I don't think I let it simmer long enough. It tasted ok, but the texture was too edgy: the tomatoes weren't broken up, the onions were still bitey, even the meat tasted different than the sauce. Whoops.

Oh well, I was hungry. Now I've had seconds, and I am full of chili.

My thumb hurts. There's a tiny sliver of wood jammed in there. I've been trying to dig it out for the last 24 hours. The athletic trainer tried to push it out, pull it out... in the end she gave up, told me to soak my thumb in water for a while, and then sent me home with a set of tweezers.

Today it rained hard. HARD. I heard a kid say "it's like MICHIGAN rain!" True. The view of the rain from our faculty lounge was dramatic; there was local thunder and lightening. And now, a few hours later, skies are blue and there's a nice breeze.

B asked me what I was going to do this weekend. I don't know. I think I had something planned, but I honestly can't think of it now.

BitchPhD told me to see this blog a year ago. Well, I finally got around to looking at it, and.... the Bitch was right. Now if she'll only write her article...

Oh yah, you better go check out this picture on Shades of Grey.

My next post will be number 666, and I think I will save it until Tuesday, 6/6/06.

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