Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'll dedicate my 666 post to tIm e\ye\man, that putrid, rotting pile of shit, who is making a career out of freaking out rural, conservative Washingtonians with hate-filled, deceptive initiatives because BECAUSE the campaigns that follow in the wake of these stupid initiatives generate money for the bastard himself.

Whether the initiative wins or loses, he makes money.

It started with Initiative 200, the piece of shit legislation that ended affirmative action in state hiring, education, and housing. Was it an anti-minority initiative, oh yes, but don't forget that the group that benefited most from affirmative action in state hiring was WHITE WOMEN.

Since then, he's appealed to the irrational tax-cutting side of the rural conservative, by trying to cap car tabs at $20, cap property tax at 2%, and require a supermajority in the legislature in order to raise taxes. By the way, Washington doesn't have an income tax, so how are we supposed to pay for schools, roads, services? Apparently we're not.

Oh, don't forget, he tried to have slot machines on non-tribal land, you know, in order to pull the rug out from under the reservations, now that they're finally finding some success with their casinos. Hey Tim, how many ways can this country screw over the Natives?

He's also tried to sabotage transit in Seattle, which makes me want to fill his car with feces. The sonofabitch lives in Mukilteo, drives an SUV. Why he thinks he can dictate policy in the city shows what a horse's ass he is. He once told a reporter to photograph him at the entrance to the bus tunnel, so he could have trains going in and out in the background. Hey moron, there's no trains in the BUS tunnel. Stop coming into the city.

And today, ah yes, he has a new initiative, trying to overturn the recent legislation that makes it
illegal to discriminate against homosexuals. He was scheduled to turn in his initiative signatures yesterday, and called a big press conference. He had been collecting signatures at local CHURCHES.

The local media, which tends to be lazy, running whatever's easy, all showed up for that piece of shit's press conference. But they were pissed when they find out that e\y\eman wasn't turning in ANY signatures today. ZERO. But he did dress in a Darth Vader costume. Not kidding. He showed up in costume. Even the press is tired of being used. EVEN THE PRESS!

Anything else? Oh yah, for one of his initiatives, he said he was working for free. Later he apologized for lying and returned $50,000.

So to make a point, David Goldstein started an initiative that declared that Timmy is a horse's ass. He got the signatures, but the Attorney General didn't let him run it. But that's what launched David Goldstein's blog.

And that's my 666 post.

Also the Class of 2006 is graduating tonight. I bought a green shirt and tie. Hopefully, there will be a karaoke report later tonight.

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