Monday, June 26, 2006

700th post: Look how Korean I am!

This is the mool naeng myun I made from a packet. I chilled the bowl, froze the broth, added thin sliced brisket, pears, cucumbers, and hard boiled egg. And a dash of sesame seeds (but I don't think that's right).

And here's some kim chee fried rice I made, with more of the same thin-sliced brisket.


I had my 30k tune up today. It was too much money, but it keeps my warantee in place.

Chinese class was good, we did all of pinyin and tones today. Tomorrow we start characters. I'm gonna try to walk to class tomorrow morning; we'll see.

Heat wave in Seattle.

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Micaela said...

how do you know how many posts you've made???