Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too Much Information

So my new meds (I'm not even up to my whole dosage yet, according to the schedule) has kicked in. I just took my bp, no resting, no quiet time, tv on.... 151/91. That is way lower than what I was scoring just a few days ago.

I walked to school today. It's 7:15 and my pedometer has counted over 14,000 steps. Not bad. A normal day for me is usually less than 3000 steps.

It's too hot to cook or do anything else.

Chinese class is fun. It will be even more fun when we stop talking about Chinese, and finally start talking in Chinese. I don't hate my classmates yet!


Orange said...

JP, dear, 151/91 is still way high. You want your BP to be below about 130/85, really.

You'll hate this suggestion, but...you might consider cutting back on your sodium intake, which means soy sauce, anything made with soy sauce, anything with MSG, and all that plain ol' salt that restaurants love to pack their food with. Asian restaurants probably have some of the highest salt levels out there�Asian cuisine and fast food, man. Remember high school biology class, learning about osmosis? You pack your body with salt, and extra fluid has to osmose into your blood vessels to dilute it to a reasonable level, and that extra fluid in the bloodstream jacks up the blood pressure. Or something like that/

john patrick said...

Ha ha, 151/91 was AFTER the meds kicked in. I've got the cuff on now; we'll see how the new ones work.

My sodium levels were ok last week; I don't eat soy sauce or MSG, but yes, I could cut back on sodium by not ordering the saltiest thing on the menu or eating salty assed snacks.

I wonder if kim chee raises your blood pressure.

I'm looking into taking tai chi classes.