Friday, May 26, 2006

Brazilian hackers!

It is a crazy day today.

First of all, this morning I was dreaming about throwing a big party, and trying desparately to keep everyone inside with the doors closed, due to reports of an escaped convict on the rampage. Of couse no one would listen to me, and I was stressing out that these people were going to get me killed as well. I just let it go for a while, but then we heard radio reports like, "five more people have just been killed!" and that he was headed in our direction. And people still wouldn't close the damn door!

Anyway, I got up and then showed up for work. I'm done with classes; now all I have to do is grading and advanced planning for next year. Sweet! I showed all the graduates-to-be how to properly shake someone's hand and accept the certificate (greeting, hardware, photo). Then I washed my hands, because students are gross.

Then I went to the church to rehearse the ceremony; the kids all waltzed in late and then had the nerve to ask me "how long is this gonna take?" My answer was "The sooner we start, the sooner we finish. The later we start...." and "Depends on how slow you drag your ass." Afterwards, it was nice weather: play soccer barefoot on the lawn nice weather.

By the time it got home, it smelled like rain. I opened all the windows so I could smell it. Then it started raining, so I closed 'em all. The weatherman says it was a rainstorm, but it was really indistiguishable from normal Seattle rain.

Finally, I was instant messaging a co-worker of mine, who told me that while I was at rehearsal, there was an announcement that said that some Brazillian hackers had attacked our server, and that the whole system would be shut down for the three day weekend. Our IT guy? He had been looking pretty ragged last week, so I convinced him to take his vacation time. He's in Hawaii. They need to hire people to help him.

I am falling asleep. Time for a nappy nap.

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