Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My name in Kanji

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I was telling my dear friend M sensei about my summer intensive Mandarin class, and I wondered out loud to her what my Chinese name would be. Let's find out!--she said, and before I could say 'moshimoshi' she was typing my name in to Microsoft Word. Of course, she's got a Japanese plug in installed, so as soon as she typed in a syllable, it appeared in katakana. She hit a key, and it suddenly appeared in hiragana. Then, she right clicked a syllable, and a drop menu of kanji opened up.

Oh, so many choices! She went through each syllable and it's different kanji options, looking for the most auspicious. JP came out "johan," and she avoided the character for "woman" (because I'm all man), and although I wasn't opposed to it, she steered away from "blade."

Then she got to my last name, which is posted above. She was very excited. VERY happy with what she found. If my memory serves me correctly, the first two characters give us rolling hills and a lake; the last two letters give us waves. So this choice of characters suggests a beautiful landscape, very auspicious, pastoral. I couldn't help but get excited myself.

I'll send her choices to the guy at Hanzi Smatter, for the Chinese perspective, and if he gets back to me, I'll post an update!

Update: nothing from Hanzi Smatter yet, but gimme a break, I just sent it.

In the meantime, I am enjoying this yogurt! There's a light hint of artificial sugar flavor chemical, which in my sophisticated gourmet palate means extra delicious.


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myrna said...

Wow! Beautifu!
Hmmm,,,I wonder what my name would be like in Mandarin?