Sunday, May 07, 2006

Luc Cagadoc: The DoubleSpeak

So now the oppressors of Luc Cagadoc are telling the press two different stories. Here they say Luc was chewing with his mouth open and is a behavior problem. Here, the letter home is quoted saying that it wasn't about utensils, but about behavior. (merci, Cyril & iFred)

But in the local paper, the principal says that he's never seen people eat like that before, and that he should conform to the Canadian way, in order to respect his lunch companions.

Which is it, principal Bergeron? Was Luc punished for behavioral reasons or cultural reasons?

Meanwhile, Filipinos with giant forks and spoons have demonstrated at the Canadian embassy in Makati. If you're a little shocked that they were able to whip out some giant utensils for the protest, you shouldn't be. A lot of us own giant utensils. Seriously. I do.

The news is being flashed and debated all over the world. Filipinos are lighting up the blogosphere; Adrian offers an apology on behalf of Montrealcitos. Mrs. Cagadoc has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission.

Well, here's a picture of Norman Bergeron. Monsieur le directeur looks like a nice enough guy, maybe he's just misunderstood. Maybe we should email him and find out.


ding said...

i totally linked to this.
and while i don't have the big fork/spoon, i hope to get a really big woven fan to put on the wall.

what's AKBAYAN?

Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for summarizing this whle incident. One typo I noticed, the name is Adrian, not Adrien. I'm gonna mail Norman right now :p