Sunday, May 07, 2006

World Record Dede

So women in Manila went for the world record in public breast feeding, set in Berkeley in 2002. They were trying to raise awareness of the benefits of breast feeding.

Apparently, only %16 of new mothers in the PI are breast feeding for the first six months. This statistic is just plain confusing to me. I don't remember anyone even being shy about breast feeding.

Well, I guess Big Formula is still on the march in a big way.


You can now buy industrial prepackaged food for babies, school kids, soldiers, office workers, astronauts, cats, dogs.... Can you imagine what life was like before they could sell us meals in a can? For eons, humans must have eaten... regular fresh, locally produced, organic food.

You'd think, with all the technology and infrastructure available to us that the countries blessed with abundance might keep eating the locally grown, organic food; and package the excess to give to poor, hungry people and/or victims of emergencies.

But no, instead we become so addicted to convenience to the point where locally produced, organic ingredients have gone from being the norm to being a luxury; meanwhile other people go hungry or malnurished due to poverty, famine, and and natural disasters.

Why are there hungry people in an all-you-can-eat world?

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