Monday, February 06, 2006

You get 'em! Notable Asians

This person speaks out against those racist abercrombie style t-shirts with chop fooey chinaman stereotypes. She just got Spencer Gifts to issua an apology and a recall. You get 'em!

This guy ordered a double cheese burger plus 98 extra patties, and ate it with seven of his friends. You get 'em!

This guy is the dictator of North Korea. I don't like him very much.

This guy finds funny, funny stuff. Here, he reads Chinese characters that pop up randomly in American culture, and finds funny things like "ice skater" tatooed on Justin Timberlake of Alpha Dog. JT is soooo tough. Here, he shows us how Fight Club is being turned into a Bollywood Musical. Not kidding.

He's also got some more Brokeback parodies. I have never seen so many parodies of a movie trailer in my life (no time to link; just go to google video or youtube and search "brokeback") . People are totally obsessed by this movie. What does this have to do with notable asians? Are you kidding? You get 'em!

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