Monday, February 06, 2006


One time my sister asked my dad a question at the dinner table; something like, "What time did you get home?"

My dad answered bruskly, between bites, "Scratch your own galis."

My sister's feelings were hurt, briefly, but they she said, "Dad, what's galis?"

He started laughing with food in his mouth; I started laughing because I knew it was going to be gross. Just then my mama sat at the table. "Mama, what's galis?"

My mama looked disapprovingly at my Dad and I as we laughed. "Ask you're Dad."

"Dad," she asked, "what is galis?.....Dad? What's galis!..... Dad!"


"What's scabies?"

"It's an itchy rash that's sexually transmitted," I answer.

"Scratch your own scabies? That's a gross expression."
I'm so over the Superbowl loss. All I want to think about now is whether or not to go buy more diet snapple. I miss diet snapple. A lot. :(

Update: Galis means 'scabs.' 'Scabies' is actually the itchy rash caused by a mites.


myrna said...

Correction: Scabies are only that, scabies (may be from the word "scab" (not sure how the name came about). It is not a sexually transmitted condition but it can be transmitted from direct skin to skin contact with the scabs.

I remember when I was in first grade, my classmate who sat beside me had a large open scab on her leg and (not sure whether she intentionally wanted to share it) kept touching it against my leg, before I realized it in a few days, I had a spot on my leg starting to get infected. Gross! Antibiotic ointment would do wonders. Bacteria, the flesh eating bacteria, in a milder strain is the culprit! Keep your skin clean. Scabies are painful and nasty if not treated properly.

john patrick said...

Mama, that is really gross.

Micaela said...