Monday, February 13, 2006

blurbs: monday o zero hundred hours

i am going to invent a pair of pants with a computer keyboard built into the lap. so when you want to go to work you will just type on your pants. the mouse or trackball can be in the crotch or the hip.

for cold weather i can embed a keyboard in some mittens.

no matter how much they put bode miller on the tv, he's not going to be interesting.

gum can never be unchewed.

when am i going to be able to buy my watch phone. or pay for groceries with a microchip embedded on my bicep?

do cats get depressed?

why are humans the only species to eat noodles? do you think predators would enjoy their meals more with gravy or sauces to accompany their kills? fresh ground pepper?

if these walls could talk...why do people imagine walls talking? what about sneezing? or humming...

you know what I love? puppies. also money.

if i was told i had to leave my house forever and only take one thing with me, i would be extremely bitter.

what would american dim sum look like? do chinese people like chili? i would think greek people would like tacos.

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