Saturday, February 11, 2006

Leave the Muslims alone!

I can't BELIEVE so many people are falling for this whole cartoon-representation-of-Mohammed stuff. Muslims riot, burn embassies. Westerners line up and sermonize about ironic violence and the First Amendment.

Shut up! Are you kidding? Are you really going to play Islam vs. The First Amendment? Conservatives hate Muslims, now the liberals do to?

You are ALL getting worked, children!

Dear Newspaper Editors,
You KNOW they are defensive about their religion. Leave them alone! Stop provoking them! And shame on you for using the pretext of the First Amendment to continue to taunt them. Of course they are rioting, how did you EXPECT them to react?

And don't don't don't start in with that "well, they hate-speech us all the time and they.... and they..." Do you hear yourself? You expect them to react like YOU.

Well, they're not you, you stupid, stupid, ethnocentric pieces of playground shit! Stop being so surprised that you don't understand their reaction. First you join the taunting by reprinting the cartoons, and then you rationalize, "wull, those people should undershtand." Shut up! Leave the Muslims alone! Reprinting the offensive cartoons is NOT the higher ground!

And then AND THEN Bruce Bawer is going to tell us that the Muslim minority is going to bully us into submission. I can't believe you put your name on that shit, Mr. Bawer. I am ashamed for you. Stop pretending you are afraid they are going to change our system, and just admit that you hate them.

You have the protection and a responsibility to the First Amendment. You have the right to insult and provoke whomever you want. But that doesn't make it right.

We will defend the First Amendment because we believe in it; it makes us strong. And we should use our First Amendment freedom of speech to say that publishing caricatures of someone else's prophet is EXTREMELY TACKY.

Dear Muslim rioters,
You should stop rioting now. They want you to riot, so that more of us will hate you; and if we hate you, they will have a pretext to invade Syria and Iran.

I am sorry that this is so ugly and offensive. Right now, it is our First Amendment freedom of speech that is allowing them to offend you. But please believe that that same First Amendment freedom of speech is the only weapon we will have when they try to expand the war against you.

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