Monday, February 13, 2006

Cioppino: not necessarily pretty

Ok, folks, this is my cioppino, and it was the biggity bomb. It took less than 10 minutes with a cheating recipe. It's so good, it's embarassing.

So I went to Mutual Fish here in my neighborhood, and got some smelt filets, some snapper, and some atlantic salmon (it's a shame to put wild salmon in a cheapo cioppino). When I got home, I turned on the burner, chunked up the fish, and threw it in the pan.

And then I dumped in a jar of Borracchini's San Francisco Cioppino-style Spaghetti Sauce, set it on almost low, put on the cover, and then did some email.

I came back to it a few minutes later, and che maraviglia carissimi amici. Sebbene non sia una receta molto raffinata, e una cosa mitica da mangiare. No, it don't make the prettiest picture, but it sure is good.


Asian Americans in the Olympics:
Michelle Kwan... too hurt to continue... it's ok, sweetheart. Apolo Ohno fell in his first event... that's short track, kids, that's why it's exciting. Julie Chu is a Chinese American on the women's USA hockey team, which is baffling on so many levels, yet I'm so proud of her I can hardly see. Check out her Olympic diary or this article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Posted by Picasa

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sheryl said...

Hee-- the most masarap food is always the most pangit! (fried egg on rice, anyone?)

I LOVE this cheater recipe. I will have to do the cheater's cioppino now: we have really cheap fish markets here in Holland, and I just found an Italian grocery store that has every kind of Italian jarred sauce under the sun!