Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let's Get Out Of Iraq

We are in Iraq fighting insurgents.

If the main goal of the insurgents is to destabilize the new government, then we should stay and help get the Iraqis on their feet.

If, however, the insurgents' goal is to get rid of the Americans, then we should get out. Take the wind out of their sails. Declare the new Iraq the winner and get out. The foreign insurgents who sneak into Iraq to kill Americans would no longer have American targets. Sunni insurgents would no longer be targeting Americans, because Americans would no longer be there to piss them off.

The question: will there be a Sunni revolt if Americans withdraw? I don't know. Let's ask them.

Come on, Republicans! You can even claim that it's your idea! Just get us out. If the American death toll is not enough to move you, then think about all the MONEY we'll save by not being at war.

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