Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back up and running

So my cable internet is back up to speed; the tech came out today and saw the problem. It was crappy installation. He was here for about 15 minutes. Now I'm back on.

Today is Thanksgiving Wednesday; no classes. it's days like this when I love to be a teacher. I will buy a new toilet seat and shower head today, tidy up the house, and maybe get some grading done. And practice guitar of course.

Tomorrow H and I are going to Auntie Baby N's for lunch. Neither of us feel much like Thanksgiving at the moment. We were considering even just having Thanksgiving for two here at the casita, but we do want to eat. I'll miss the Olympia crew, but I really need all five of these days off of work to get my isht together. By this time next week, I want to be driving a new car. Also, I need some furniture. Also, I'm weeks behind on grading.

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