Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chili Fries

So for lunch today I had chili fries at Mike's Tavern in Ballard. It's been there for 80 years and it reminds me of Aberdeen.

I was first informed of the existence of chili fries in 1990, as a freshman in the UW. My new friend D from LA was complaining that Seattle was different than LA. Like, in Seattle, it doesn't hurt to breath when you run. In Seattle nobody drinks bottled water. In Seattle, there is no chili fries.

So fifteen years later, I ordered chili fries. I won't do it again. Mike's chili is salty and delicious. Their fries are delicious as well. However, the chili took the crunch out of the fry, and that's too bad, because they are big steak fries. Next time I'll order them separate.

Cheese and onions were 45 cents extra, and they were well worth it. Posted by Picasa

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ding said...

holy crap.
that looks so good. i want some. now.