Thursday, August 25, 2005

Silly white people.

Today I was told for the second time in a week to 'Speak English!' By a coworker.

My response was "No!" and a hearty chuckle. Here's a link to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I don't deserve to be harrassed in the workplace.

Here's an angry blog about how white people can be intollerable at times (thanks ding). Wanna know a secret? It's how a lot of us feel. Most of us. They tell us with words that we have the right to be here, and then tell us in a thousand other little ways that we don't belong.

Here's an exercise:
Ethnic and cultural identity are central parts of our identity; as central as gender and sexual identity; as central as species. So the next time a well intentioned white person tells you, "I don't see color, I don't care if you're purple!" you tell them "I don't see gender, I don't care if you're man or a woman or a dog!"

Ethnicity is central. We care about it. We cultivate it. It is important to us. Colorblind? Justice should be colorblind. YOU ARE NOT JUSTICE. Seriously.

Ethnicity is not a zit to be politely overlooked.

Do you want to know my ethnicity? Ask, and use the word 'ethnicity.' I'm happy to tell you. It's important to me.


ding said...

'you are not justice.'

that's effing brilliant. and thanks for taking the slack.

.t said...

Hi JP,
thank you for saying this! stupid white people. also, have you ever been upset at a non-white person who also says stupid things like "i don't see race i just see the individual", so much bullshit!

anyway, you are now my favorite filipino in seattle for posting this. shhh don't tell heather...

(btw this is tania, the girl who likes to come over to your house and eat giganourmous amounts of food and hang out and watch mtv en espanol)

Micaela said...

Tania, you bitch. I found you out.

but anyway... word

ding said...

i couldn't take it anymore. my white friends think i think they're racist (jesus, what a good way to miss the fucking point) and i've shut down comments on that fucking topic because he was making me fucking hate fucking white men like him.


you're so lucky you live in seattle. i miss the west coast. we have our problems but at least there's critical mass.