Friday, August 26, 2005

Worst First Day Ever.

I was speaking a collegue. Then this other person, walking by, interrupted our conversation and told me 'Speak English.' It was the last straw. I told my supervisors.

I don't blog about coworkers or students.
I do blog about myself, though, and I feel like I'm being harrassed. I've reported it, and my reporting it offends some people... the supervisors of the person I've reported feel insulted by my report of harrassment.

It's a way of deflecting the attention away from the harrasser, and put it squarely onto me.

That's enough, I don't want to blog anymore about this issue.

The big news in Seattle is that soldiers in dress uniform who dine at Canlis are being treated to dinner by patrons, the staff, and the house. I don't have anything cynical about that.

Still, I remember when W declared a crusade against terror, and then systematically shifted the focus from bin Laden to Saddam. I remember them trying to scare us into action with the WMDs that, as it turns out, didn't exist. They assumed they would be welcomed as liberators, and that once freed from their dictator, the people of Iraq would leap up all at once to build a model democracy.

I've heard a lot of military personnel and families saying something like 'I don't care how we got here, whether we were right or wrong to go in; we're here now, and we have a job to do.'

First of all, "I don't care whether we were right or wrong" means "we were wrong." If you don't care right or wrong, then obviously it was not right.

Second, the people running the war have gotten a lot of things wrong; they've made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that some of us saw coming from miles away. And that's why we were in the streets on 2002 and 2003, because we were tired of mistakes.

During this time, we've also become a nation that holds people indefinately without a trial. And when it comes to torture, we got lawyers to figure out how to torture people without having to legally call it torture.

It's so sad, what this country has become. What part of the Amerian civic heritage are we going to lose next?

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