Saturday, August 20, 2005

Here's what happens around here.

I've just completed this vicious cycle again, for the third or fourth time:

Step one: I go to the korean market, and when I pass the kim chee buffet, I hear the sweet siren song of oe-sobaegi; cucumber kim chee. Yes, I know there are two dozen other kinds, but all I want is cucumber. There are two sizes of container; regular and jumbo. I consider getting the jumbo for a moment, but then I think hmph! I couldn't possibly eat that much! And so I fill a regular. I stack each slice, lined up for maximum space efficiency.

Step two: I put all the groceries in the fridge, but as a snack, I eat HALF of the container of cucumbers, one after the other, like candy.

Step three: The next day, I eat the other half of the container for lunch. Myself. Then I regret not having bought the jumbo sized container.

Step four: I count the days until I can return to Aurora Avenue N, "Kim Chee Alley" and once again be enchanted by the stainless steel temptress that is the kim chee bar.

If I had regular access to a kim chee bar, I would stop eating rice, and just eat kim chee and meat. Unfortunatley, the good stuff is way across town. I can get plenty of kim chee here in the south end, but it's all in a jar. It's all in a jar!

I might try to make some over Labor Day weekend. We'll see.

Maybe I'll just go to the japanese market, buy some cucumber tsukemono, and then cover them in crushed peppers from the mexican market. Right? Because korean dishes are japanese dishes covered with mexican peppers? Just teasing, db.

But I could eat a bucket of those tsukemono.

Nap time.


ding said...

roomie and i rearranged our cupboards today, in preparation of your next chicago visit.

db said...

I think you need a kimchi refrigerator. It keeps your kimchi good for a very, very long time so you can buy more kimchi than you ever thought you were going to eat and they'll stay fresh.

myrna said...

My Korean neighbor is making kimchee and said she will give me some. She'll teach me how to make it ,...whenever I have time. She makes the best fresh kimchee! yum! yum!
Kimchee addict.