Friday, August 19, 2005

Anyohaseyo! Hamsamedan!

Today, after the contractor finished repairing the water dammage (but not the leak), I picked up my cowsin C who treated me to a bowl of pho and an iced coffee with condensed milk. Thanks cowsin! Next time is on me.

We went to the korean market in that same strip mall. It was serene. I will go back later for a set of metal chopsticks, maybe some rice bowls.

Then we went to Ranch 99; it was my first time there and it was massive. The crab there were $2.99 a pound, and if you buy a fish they will fry it or crispy fry it for you between 10 and 8.

Cowsin C wondered aloud if she should buy a tabu or just employ an empty cool whip container.

(TMI alert: Cowsin C's house is tagalog-dominant, so they call it a tabu. In pangasinan and ilokano, we call it a kaod. Since we all have to kao-kau, i.e., clean ourselves with water after going to the bathroom, the kaod is the technology that brings the water from the basin/well/waterpump/faucet to your dirty parts so you can splash splash splash yourself clean. Before the biffy and other sundry bidet engineering, the kaod was the ultimate in technology in portable personal cleanliness. To this day, it remains far more effective than the smeary western standard of charmin two ply. Fancy ones have handles, but an empty coolwhip container works well. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our culture's tendency for squeaky-clean erogenous zones. Remember, you didn't have to read).

We stopped in the Phil Am market as well, just for a look see. After that, I went to the korean market on 155th for the kim chee bar.

Cowsin C didn't like the look of the kalbi packages there, so we went to Central Market, where there was no kalbi at all. So we went to Seoul Plaza, the third korean market of the day; if you're counting by by asian makets, we're up to number six.

And now, now it's time to eat.

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