Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So today, i scheduled my guitar lessons (wednesdays at 5pm) and bought some picks. Did a load of whites. Got my office ready for painting.

Dinner: green potage, vietnamese style salad rolls, and water melon.

Green Potage:
I boiled a potato, an onion, a bunch of broccoli, some ginger and garlic in some salty water. When the potatoes were cooked, I threw out the water and replaced it with some chicken broth. Pureed it with a stick blender; added cream and fish sauce to taste.

Salad Rolls:
Pan-fried chicken breast slices, thin sesame noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, wrapped in a spring roll shell, the dried kind that you re-hydrate just before rolling.

Watermelon. Auntie R says to buy a watermelon with a yellow spot. The yellow spot shows that the melon ripened on the vine on the ground. Severed melons ripen evenly.


db said...

Do you really use cream?

john patrick said...

Sometimes cream, sometimes olive oil, sometimes nothing. Just depends. I'm going to have a bowl of it right now!

myrna said...

Are you kabaw now? I was the one who told you to pick watermelons with yellow spot on the underside. My sister M taught me that.

Anonymous said...

you lot are mad