Monday, July 18, 2005

Am I a moron?

So I've been dreadding this computer workshop for months now. I woke up early, shaved, and battled traffic to show up on time. When I didn't find the room the workshop was in, I asked the custodians. Then I called the office.

The workshop is NEXT Monday. Silly goose!

Then I came home and surfed the internet with the Today Show on in the back ground. When that was over, I changed the channel to avoid the Larry Elders Show. Well, the next time I looked up, it was the View, and Elisabeth Hasslebeck was explaining to America that because Karl Rove did not use the woman's name, he did not commit a crime.

I guess that bag of dumb is right. All Mr. Rove did was a) blow the woman's cover, jeopardizing her life; 2) blow the cover of whatever front she was using, jeopardizing the lives, investigations, and carreers of the people that worked with her; 3) compromise national security. Why? For political payback.

Understand this: Karl Rove is a bastard. You people that make excuses for him, putting republican dominance as a higher priority than the lives of Americans who work in the service of the USA, you are worthless bastards.

BY THE WAY, the pretexts that you swallowed that took us to war, those were all false. You owe us an apology.

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