Friday, July 01, 2005

Then the two of us went to Monoprix where we bought batteries, folders, lotion, and then it was off to our Cyber Cafe.

We're thinking about renting a car next week to put around provence, see stuff. I'm not that excited by anything I see in the guide, but I know once we get there it will be pretty.

Before dinner had a nice conversation with D about a bunch of stuff. Then dinner: the farsi, some rice, some cheese, and then the limoncello came out. I should have said no, but instead I said "YUM." Afterwards there was Dame Blanche, which is a scoop of vanilla with hot chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It's funny to me that the French has such specific names for their ice cream desserts, and that they don't find it too sweet.

Anyway, I managed to give my philosophy to both C, and later to M and P; that when you're young the top two priorities are friendship and sex; when you're my age, friendship and sex are a distant tenth and eleventh place behind money, money, money, money, money, money, money, health, and money.

M tried to explain to me what a Dame Blance was; I told him to stop and I told him how to properly tell the story:

Once I picked up a hitchhiker, a lady dressed in white; she told me to be careful because there's a lot of accidents on that road out there. When I dropped her off, I almost got into a wicked accident as I pulled back into the lane, but I remembered her words and was able to avoid a crash. When I got to the gas station, I told the cashier my remarkable story, and he said; That lady all in white was killed on this road 15 years ago today . . . .

Ok, I didn't tell it very well there, but to be fair, I'm tired, and originally I told it in French.

Tomorrow, take pictures at the market, read the herald at a cafe. Probably too much Mistral to go to the beach.

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