Saturday, July 02, 2005

Aix-en-Provence. It's about 5pm. I got up this morning and went down to breakfast around 9am. I had my tea and some buttered toast. Then V, D, and I went into town. The plan was for V to buy groceries at the markets, for D to sit in the cafe and read his paper. However, it didn't happen that way. V is very helpful by nature, and when I mention things like, "maybe J and I will rent a car" or "my mom said she wanted a rosary," or "we want to meet a high school teacher here who will exchange with us" she takes it on as her personal mission to make it happen. Me, I would have just said these things once and then not think about it again, but V is a force of nature.

So anyway, she found a good deal for a rental car for us. We went to the agency and reserved, then we went to the lot. I'll have to find the place myself on Monday. I just find my post office, go down the street, and turn right and then left. It might be easier if I just turn left, but anyway it's near the casino.

I made the dog get off the couch, so now he's outside with me. He barked at some neighbors and then came over and started licking my feet. Now he's just sitting there.

Anyway, so after that I bought my sister a bamboo clarinet, from a dude in the art market on the cour mirabeau. Then V and I walked most of the way home past the university until M picked us up in front of the boulangerie.

Lunch was a rotisserie chicken from the market, a tomato salad, and some potato chips that V warmed up in the oven. I've never heard of that before, and it seemed like the family was surprised that the bowl was so warm. By the time I ate chips, they were already regular temperature. I might prefer american rotisserie chicken. Not that it was bad. There was some pate de foie gras that I ate two slices of--too much--and then the last of the melon. We took our coffee under the cassis tree. Cassis fruit look and taste like blackberries on a diet, but they grow on a tree.

Later I had C check out my ipod to see if there was any music he liked. I wanted to show V the clarinet I had bought, but we found that the reed was already broken. So inspite of the rattatouille she was making, V brought me into town to ask the clarinet artist how to change the reed (just push it off with your thumbs). He replaced the broken reed--even though I told him he shouldn't--and rewrapped it, and told me to be more careful.

Next, V took me to the catholic store kind of on the other side of the old city across from the Palais de Justice. She was in a hurry because of the ratatouille, but I might go back to that store to buy a cross for the casita, because they are not gaudy as hell. I should also buy something for Auntie R. Anyway, I bought an olivewood rosary for my mama and then it was back to the house. I was a little surprised that she left the house and went into town just for me. I hope they're not reading me as demanding, but I might be doing something I don't realize. Anyway, next week, V is working, so she won't be able to fuss too much over me. I appreciate the fuss, but I don't like to be the cause of it.

I'm going to go in and have a glass of water and a cookie. It's 5:30 now, but I'll be surprised if we eat before nine.

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