Monday, July 25, 2005

Computer Blues

I think I'm going to start carrying around my digital camera.

So the computer workshop is finally happening. This morning there was a "let's get to know Word" exercise, and a reccomendation to have students make newsletters.

For lunch I drove all the way home and picked up my trackball. I bought a couple of buhn mi on the way. Delicious.

After lunch, we were shown Intel's Visual Rankng Tool. Well, for some reason, none of us could download macromedia flash player, so we were neither able to see the demo nor able to log on to the program. By the way, the program is a fancy way to rank and order lists. Well, since we couldn't log on, we did our list rakings the old fashioned way; me, I did it on microsoft word; my neighbor did it one a piece of paper with a pen.

So tomorrow, I show up with a list of things to put in order. Great.

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db said...

I've been thinking of carrying my camera too. It's a little bulky for my purse though.

I'd love to see pix of your seattle.