Saturday, July 30, 2005

All I wanna do... practice guitar!

Today I practiced until my left hand was tired. This was after I realized that I'm way faster and more accurate changing chords when I'm not looking. The hand-to-brain-to-eye-to brain-to-hand coordination is way too slow. I have to look at something to the right, actually, so that my eyes don't wander over to my hand.

It was Tio C's birthday, so we went to J and his partner's place in Seatac. There place is so awesome and tasteful and they had some bomb food: salmon, ribs, pansit palabok, escaviche, some fried rice with potatoes and chinese sausage, lumpia (both kinds), bbq chicken, leche flan, mocha cake, puto, mango cheesecake... there's more, but I can't remember. Anyway, we ate and then sat civily and chatted and payed too much attention to the dogs.

Then I met some friends at the Ballard Seafood Festival, and bought a plate of salmon with coleslaw and garlic bread. Later I bought a strawberry shortcake.

I tried to get cash with my debit card, but it wouldn't work. So I got a cash advance from my credit card. BOO. It had been at zero for over a year.

Yesterday I watched six hours of the SciFi Channel. They showed two episodes of Firefly, which is a space western, with shades of Gilligan's Island. If it wasn't in space, I probably wouldn't watch it. But as it was indeed in space, I was transfixed. Then I watched the Stargate SG-1, which, as I said before has had several cast members of some defunct SciFi Channel shows re-allocated to it. Cheesy. Afterwards was Stargate Atlantis; also cheesy. Then Battlestar Galactica, which at this point, I am watching more for style and mood than anything else.

12:19 am; time to practice guitar.

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