Saturday, June 09, 2007

What in the Hell?

I think I just saw Paula Deen boil omelets in freezer bags. This site should tell you all you need to know. God help us all.

I am now done with the 2006-2007 school year. On Monday I'll go in for a training, but that's technically for next year. It's raining in Seattle, kind of a September rain. I'll be in Las Vegas later this week, and I'm sure the desert heat will annoy me.

Fed Ex delivered my passport yesterday, with it's shiny new 90 day visa from the Chinese government neatly pressed inside. I've been reading some blogs whose authors are studying in China (Michael, Shum, Sarah, Jameson, Waigou Girl...)

I plan on cramming as much Mandarin as possible into my head in the next three weeks, so I won't be totally embarrassed when I show up to my intermediate level language program. Tomorrow I'll go to a meetup.

I heard on some drive-time radio show yesterday morning somebody flying to the defense of Paris Hilton, saying "why should she be punished just because she's rich?" Who the hell changed my station?

I am so sick of the war. I wonder what it will take for Americans to start taking to the streets.

Finally, I'm still trying to understand the anti-amnesty people when it comes to immigration. They don't want to reward people who break their precious law, choosing to recognize a useless, arbitrary law rather than the economic and social reality. Then they shriek "national security!" knowing full well that the 9/11 gang were all here legally, the Oklahoma City bombers were all whiteys, and the border can't even stop a dude with TB.

How can you NOT say that the anti-immigration people are really anti-Latino? I mean, why do they even bother pretending not to be racist?


Orange said...

If you boil a Ziploc of eggs, how do you get the buttery goodness? Barbarism!

Are the racist anti-immigrants the same exact people who have nothing against gay people, of course, but insist that marriage MUST be between a man and a woman? What is the intersection between these two subsets of the set called "Haters"?

ms. proust said...

I like that you threw the very idea of Paula Deen attempting sous-vide cooking into your hell in a handbasket rant. There is something very very wrong there...

Just had a depressing talk with a co-worker who has 3 nephews all in Iraq. The youngest one was really freaked out because he's only had a desk job as border protection. Normally I guess they get 3 months combat training & because of the mess, they only gave them only 6. There's something very very very wrong with that.

While my co-worker is anti-war, her flag-flying family said it will "make a man out of him." That is if he comes back alive, & what then? She said the conditions at Fort Lewis are pretty run-down & depressing.

Anyway, thanks for complimenting my blog & I look forward to reading more on your adventures overseas!