Sunday, June 10, 2007

Don't worry, I walked it off.

I know this mean looks awfuly carby for a big fat diabetic, but remember, my glucose levels have been consistently low, and I walked a lot today to burn off the extra glucose.

So we're talking 北方水饺 and 冷面。I went to 老四川饭店。 I was hungry for some zhong guo cai after a 马马虎虎 meetup. It began with a lot of promise, but by the end, the conversation became dominated by some networkers who kept speaking English. I suggested there be two tables next time; one for people who want to speak Chinese, and another for people who want to talk about China in English.

Anyway, it was fine. Before that, we tried to go see Daps and Blue Scholars at Pagdiriwang, but they were sound checking FOREVER.

Before that, 小猪 bought sushi at Sushiland.

Last night, I went to a graduation party. My friend J's sister had just graduated from the UW, so he hosted the party in the 6th floor terrace of the the Vine Building in Bell Town. Nice; I could have bought a condo there. It would have been small, but cool views lots of amenities.


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Ok, those 水饺 looked really yummy!

ms. proust said...

Like your new look! Where'd you get those dumplings?

I love dim sum as I get full fast, as a variety of small tastes usually sates me faster than one big dish--maybe that's why I love tapas so much, or the Mediterranean idea of mezze.

I've been trying to walk off some weight on the treadmill I bought this winter. We subscribed to Netflix & now I watch movies while holding onto the handlbar, an hour to 45 minutes a day. Hoping it will help out with my blood pressure which seems to be on the rise...

I can't give up soy sauce or jamon serrano, so I'm hoping walking regularly helps!

jp 吉平 said...

Good for you, Ms. Proust! You have a fitness plan! It is very similar to my startrek/gazelle plan.

I got those dumplings at 老四川饭店 Sichuanese Cuisine at 12th and Jackson in the Vietnamese part of the ID. My Mandarin prof said it was the most authentic. Most restaurant critics go across the street to Seven Stars Pepper...

I'm not trying to walk off the weight as much as I'm trying to burn off the blood sugar. Apparently I have diabetes (roll eyes, shake head).

I love small plates, as long as they're culturally authentic. I always feel cheated when I order tapas and some kind of fusion tapas comes to the table. My sister and I almost went to Ibiza last summer, but changed our minds at the posted menu when we saw that jamón serrano was DRESSED WITH BALSAMIC!

I like some fusion cuisine... but some of it is as dumb as Paris Hilton.

ms. proust said...

Star Trek/gazelle plan?? You may get a few raised eyebrows if you were to write a book with that title.

I have never been to Sichuanese, but I have heard good things from one of my wine rep friends who went to Seven Stars with me. I think he preferred the former as well. Man I love good dan dan noodles that leave that sichuan burn...

And about Ibiza--I wonder how they've managed to exist since I haven't heard anything about it at Spanish Table. Nothing since the first month or so that is. That place is too big & swanky to eat my idea of Iberian food. Balsamic indeed!