Thursday, June 14, 2007

Notes from Vegas

It's a blazing afternoon in the City that Stays In Vegas. So far I've eating some delicious pork roast, that mama had cooking during breakfast. It's too hot here to cook during the day. The pork roast was nice and chilled when we ate it with some baby yukon golds. We bought some asparagus, brocolini, corn on the cob, and chayote to grill for dinner with some mackeral.

My parents continue to crack me up, sometimes with old stories, sometimes with new ones. Later I'll blog about what durian smells like...


So the Seattle's Only Paper, the Stranger, sent 31 staffers to church. Funny! I like the idea of those angst-ridden, post-punk, liberal assasins sitting in on the christians for a day. Of course, I read the articles of the two staffers who went to Catholic Mass. The one that went to St. James kept referring to his memories at O'Dea and the Jesuits.... whoops, there are no Jesuits neither at St. James (cathedral church of the archdiocese) nor at O'Dea (Christian Brothers). The other one went to St. Joe's the only Jesuit parish in Seattle, and managed to not mention the Jesuits. Oh well, I read the Stranger for attitude, not for accuracy.

Mama doesn't like my new template, she says it's plain and boring.

Blogger doesn't work in China. While I'm in Hangzhou, I can continue to post via email, but photos, etc. will be tricker. If it comes to pass that I move to Shanghai (ask me later), I may have to get a new blog platform. Hopefully I'll be able to import this blog into the new platform, but if not, the days of 'you don't have to read' may be numbered.

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