Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dinner Time!

For dinner tonight we had grilled mackeral, grilled asparagus and onions, sliced tomatoes, grilled sweet corn on the cob, and a rice blend.

The rice blend we had was Mogami 8 Blended Whole Grain Rice, which is a blend of short grain, long grain, brown rice, black rice, maple rice, red rice, red wheat, and barley.

So if I don't want to spend the big bucks to buy this pre-packaged mix, where do I go in Seattle to buy a cup of each of these grains bulk, so I can mix it myself?


Nicklebug said...

I'd start with Madison Market and Whole Foods.

Paradise_Found said...

Since I read your blog, I had to go buy some eggplant to roast on the grill this weekend. I roasted an onion and some tomatoes and threw it all in with soy sauce. Yum. Do you put patis in your dish?

Now I'm seriously jonesing for pork roast, but I don't know how to crisp it up real nice like my mother does. I will have to try. Again. Ummm. Pork and some mongo beans. I'm hungry now!

jp 吉平 said...

Mmm! Auntie Rosaling uses patis; my sister and mom prefer bagoong or agamang. Me, I prefer seasalt.

That eggplant mash is really good with grilled or fried fish...

Now I'm hungry!

barefootatheart said...

You can find most of those ingredients in Mogami Rice Blend at the Great Wall Market by IKEA in Renton. I want to buy another bag of it, but they don't carry it at my local market anymore. Where do you purchase yours?