Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lord, Have Mercy

My parents have a new habit of leaving the tv on when they walk away.

I'm on the couch, and the remote is across the room.

I just watched Martha Stewart show pictures of a CAT BIRTHDAY PARTY to her audience, who all applauded. The cats were wearing party hats and had names like "Vivaldi, Verdi, Motzart." There were 2-tiered cat birthday cakes, impeccably decorated, made of chopped liver, fresh salmon....

In a second, I'm going to get up and change the channel.

I hung up a retractible clothesline on my little porch, and I've clipped up some of my wet placemats out there to dry in the sun. It kind of looks like a tibetian prayer flag.

1 comment:

bitchphd said...

Ooh, a cat birthday party!!!! Great idea!!!!