Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can't Sleep

Had dinner with the family at a place called "All You Can Eat Sushi" on Spring Mountain. Dad swears they're Japanese. Looking at the place from the parking lot, I said, " they are certainly Korean." I heard them speaking Korean while we were eating (we all got bentos, no all-you-can-eat), and finally, I said 'thank you" in Korean, which the waitress was delighted to repeat back to me. I knew it was Korean, dad! His reply: "some of them are Japanese."

Doubt it!

Breezed through security. Got back into Seattle on Saturday a little past midnight. T$ picked us up.

I spent the next couple days cleaning the house, adding tags to my old posts, and correcting all the misspellings I can find (sorry, orange tangerine).

I had my phone interview with the company in Shanghai. I think it went really well, and my interviewer seemed interested in me... although I had the disadvantage of hearing my own echo very loud a couple seconds after I spoke... very maddening.

The next step is to meet them when I go to Shanghai. We'll see how it goes. It would be a big pay cut, so I will have to see if it will be worth it.... Anyway, I know for sure by next month.

I ordered take out from 老四川饭店 Sichuanese cuisine as my parents rolled into town. The house is clean, and I think as of right now, all my laundry is clean. How long will that last....

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Orange said...

Correcting typos? Awesome!

Adding tags? I can't get on board with the Blogger tags. They're just there to give Google an easier way of indexing the blog, but when I see Google results for my crossword blog (which has the labels), the the link is usually for a bunch of posts with the same tag rather than just for the post in question. I find it bothersome.