Saturday, May 05, 2007

SAM opening.

Wood burning pizza oven, on a trailer!

I didn't catch what restaurant they were from; I think it began with a V. They were parked underneath the Hamering Man.

There was also a giraffe woman, the electronic drummer guy who is usually on 6th and Pike, a juggling white kid, and a dude that wore a harmonica collar and did tricks with his guitar.

And there were these people, who were painting the flower smiles in the street.
小猪,老虎 and I went to lunch at Ipanema Brazilian Grill. Dammit, I love that place. Some old people at the next table ordered off the menu. Whatever, man! Rodizo! My nutritionist can bite herself. Yes, I had a large meal, but I had plenty of veggies and no sugar or starchy starches.
I saw two former colleagues today, one at a memorial service we held at school for an alumnus who had ended his struggle with addiction and depression with a revolver. The other former colleague I passed on the street outside of the SAM, he asked if I had been in to the museum yet, and I said, yah, I went last week. That's right, baby. I'm a VIP.
I can't wait to go to China.
Last night I went to see Spiderman 3 with 小猪 and 老虎. I was expecting a stinker, but I was throroughly entertained. Of course, if I was the director I would have made cut some more tasteful choices. There was enough plot for two movies, and a lot of retconning. The characters have to try hard to fail at having emotional restraint because there's no time between all the plot points for character development to reveal itself.
The biggest problem with the choices in this movie is that Americans want to admire their hero, they want to see the best of themselves in him. It's ok if he is a nerd, as long as he mades the correct moral, rhythmic, and fashion choices. Peter Parker's nerdiness in this movie went past the point of being charming, and into the realm of alienating the American audience.
I got home at midnight after the movie, and tested my blood sugar: 109. I tested it again when I woke up at 8:30 am.... 115. What? I must be eating some time released glucose in the evening.

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