Monday, April 02, 2007

Yah, yah.

Listen, I will get to the limericks when I get to them. I am not a machine, you know.

Like all bloggers, I am just going through a little dry spell; life has been a little more hectic, and I haven't been able to tell you about....

Gaudi, which Madeleine likes a lot, I was a little disappointed by; it just seemed too restauranty. I want tapas to rock, and the croquetas, the almejas a la provencal, the papas bravas, and the sangria rocked. I would have prefered to rub my own pan amb tomaquet, and we had to ask for more bread. The staff was nice enough, but we waited 20 minutes for a menu. I miss Marcha, and I can't afford to go to Harvest Vine all the time. And I hate nouveau fusion tapas. Hate.

That brings us to Jack's Mainly Chinese Tapas, which is a Chinese restaurant up the Ave.

Sigh. We had the sizzling seafood platter, which was on the whiteboard. Hint: order seafood from Cantonese places, not other places. Ours came hong shao, which frankly, I can make at home. The green onion pancake was salty, the bok choy seemed over cooked. We tried to order salt and pepper fried chicken, but the server said there was none, even though I read it on the specials board. No, we don't want duck for double the price. They she told H that there was no rice left. Even though I saw rice being scooped for other customers. I'm not sure what that was about, because I'm pretty sure we understood each other. Anyway, the food seemed blah to me. I might go back on a hot day for the cold plates. Otherwise, I wasn't that impressed.

I had a retreat last weekend; it was ok. I felt a lot of pressure to carry the schedule, even though the team was really strong. I have to update the instructions, since most of the right words to say are in my head and not on the paper. I think I'm gonna miss the team when they graduate this year. Gross.

I have to put a $500 deposit on my China trip this week, but one source of funding does not seem to be coming through. They don't want to fund anything "foreign," even though it's an American institution. Also, they funded me to take Chinese last year, but this year, they don't want to send me to China to continue. Kind of crappy. So I may back out of the trip.

I'd rather not. I'd rather go learn Chinese.

That's it for today. I'm blogging from the public library, because the construction people knocked out my cable/internet for the night. Hmph.


torreybird said...

Sorry you didn't like Jack's Tapas - it's usually better than that. I'm fond of it because it's greasy northern China food; decent hand-cut noodles, too, but not pretending to be all fancified. And it helps that I live (not even a significant) part of a block away. :)

I recommend their beef with asparagus, also their noodlies.

ding said...

i'm totally afraid of the tapas in chicago. every time i follow someone's advice, i end up somewhere disgusting - and then my lower GI explodes.

oh, JP, giver of food advice - what makes for good tapas?

john patrick said...

I have no idea how your lower GI can explode due to tapas.

Are you going to places that actually serve Spanish tapas? Or are you going to some fusion tapas concept place, where they dress everything with cheap balsamic and ranch dressing?