Friday, March 16, 2007

Rated M for Mature.

The Limerick Festival continues through tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day. I hope you are enjoying it!

I've seen some pretty bastos limericks going up lately. If last year's festival entries were rated PG-13 or R, many of this year's limericks are triple-X, super bastos. I've decided to leave them up, because being dirty is part of limerick tradition. But perhaps next year I will specify that the entries be rated R. The day is coming when students and coworkers will discover my blog, and I don't want them to say "JP has a limerick festival every year, and it's all about cocksucking."

But I don't want G-rated limericks either, because then what's the point. However, I will let someone else host the XXX-rated limerick festival. Email me if you're interested.

My excellent sister took me to dinner tonight. We went to a sushi restaurant a couple blocks from her house that was too expensive and not all that special. The rice was wierd. I think I've actually become bored of sushi and sashimi. Who knew.

Whoops, I guess I just ate rice. I had given it up for lent. Oh well.

My new passport came in today. I think my new passport number is really lucky.

I don't have anything to grade this weekend. Zero. How long do you think I can stay caught up? We'll see.

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Mrs. N said...

As a fellow teacher I can say that my pride in being all caught up grading lasts no more than two days (more often one) at a time. It is generally followed by a sticky quagmire of paperwork sucking me into a vortex of grading hell.