Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keep your shirt on...

Yes, my friends, the San Patricio Limerick Festival has been over for days. I promise that eShamrocks will be awarded soon, as soon as the distinguished panel of judges... the judge... well, just me, so.... as soon as I get a chance. Right now I have to grade storyboards. So keep your shirts on.

Do you teach high school Spanish literature? Consider a storyboard project. Or consider it as a step in your video project, especially if your videos are turning out horribly.

Did you hear Tom Delay today on NPR? He chuckles when Dick Army criticizes him for endeavoring to create a permanant Republican majority in American government. I know it's not illegal, but to me, trying to ensure a permanent majority through ways other than, say, satisfying the voters with just and visionary government, is totally contepmtuous of the idea of representative constitutional democracy.

Or is it just me? Elected officials are supposed to serve at the pleasure of their constituents. Working actively to loss-proof your party through redistricting and other devices procedures, which were meant to guarantee fair representation in the first place... Does it seem right to you?


In other news in my life, I've recently been introduced to scotcheroos; I had never experienced them before. My students assure me that it is a "white thing."

I've lived in this country, among the white people, for all of my 34 years, and I am still discovering their culture. They are a complex and mysterious people.

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Orange said...

Butterscotch chips are the chips of the devil. Nay, the chips from the devil's ass.

You can make an absolutely delicious bar that looks just like Scotcheroos with peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter, and graham cracker crumbs mixed together and topped with melted chocolate. No butterscotch. No satanic ass.