Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boba Fett and the Cruds

TMI Warning.

The flu cruds have been going around the city in the last week or so. People have been having respiratory dificulties as well as (ahem) intestinal ones.
Me, I had a flu shot, so I never got the snots. Or did I? I feel like I had a sniffles for a day or so, but no killer flu symptoms.

Well, one thing. For two mornings I woke up hungry and gagging. I gagged when I coughed, I gagged when I sneezed, I gagged when I thought about food. I gagged when I thought about gagging.
Once I ate something, the gagging subsided, but it was hard to work up the courage to eat something, lest gagging turn to yacking.

Ok, there's one more thing. I know farts and caca are supposed to smell bad, and they do... but during the gagging days, my farts smelled like poison death. Horrifying. I didn't know it was related, but at one point 裤子, who I know was deathly sick, texted me, "my farts stink." Later a coworker told me about how his sick babies have been stinking... and that he needed a hazmat suit to change a diaper recently.

Yikes. The crud going around this year is especially gross.

Sigh. Too Much Information. That's ok, the only people who read this blog nowadays are people who stumble onto this site when they google "Boba Fett." I hardly even talk about "Boba Fett!"

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