Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Snowday? and No Comment Video

Don't you want one of these? I'd like one, but I'll wait until the third or fourth generation of it.

I've decided I want to do this this summer. Now I gotta pay the funding game.

The day started at around 57 degrees. I actually slept in; I jumped out of bed when I realized it was daylight already. Whoops. We had a short day scheduled; a faculty meeting, a luncheon, and an afternoon dedicated to office work. Around 2 pm the wind started kicking up and it sounded like the ocean. People started leaving, especially if they had biked to work, or if they wanted to get across the bridges.

When I got home, my parking spot was filled with construction debris. My condo association's renovation has finally started, and work has started on my building. They've torn up the roof at the other end of the building, and they've excavated around the leak in my basement. I've got an industrial strength dehumidifier going 24 hours in my den, the furniture is moved, and the carpet is pulled back to dry.

I am pretty sure my parking spot has been swept clean, and the roof and excavation have been wrapped in plastic. The wind and rain storm has passed, and now it's relatively calm. The news says it will freeze and snow tonight, so I'm pretty sure classes will be cancelled tomorrow. The big question is how many snow days we'll have. Other teachers and many students, especially the seniors, are wary of missing another day of school, but me, I'm confident that I can adapt. I face the day off work without fear.

And now it's time for a nap.

I don't want to comment on this video, except to tell you that it's about chicken anuses.

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Paradise_Found said...

I love her!! It is TOTALLY Donald Trump, thank you! I just asked my husband the other day when pointing at Trump's pursed lips -- "WTF?" Now I know. Chicken ass. My people say "timil" too, for flea -- sure I spelled it wrong. I thought it it was Ilocano.