Friday, December 15, 2006

Wind Day Report

Woke up this morning at 6:30, still no power. One new message on the cell phone: No school today. Sweet.

I texted H to see what her situation was; her power stayed on. I got bored by myself without electricity, so I went to Ballard market and bought eggs, sausage patties, pita, oj. Went to H's place, she cooked breakfast. Yum!

Caught up on email, etc. Found out that Simbang Gabi Mass was canceled, or at best postponed. In either case, the church is closed for business tonight. Boo! Come on, it's the first night of Hanukkah... you know, the miracle of lights? Hmph. We may be going to someone's house, since a lot the food is ready to go, seems a shame to waste it...

Took a nap on H's couch. Woke up around 11, putzed around, made my way home.

Got home at noon; the clocks were blinking 2:30, so I'm assuming power came back on at 10:30 am. Stopped at Safeway for some chicken, chocolate, and emergency candles. The best kind of emergency candles, I think, are the Mexican novena candles, because they are cheap, bright, long lasting, and encased in a jar for safety. They used to be 99 cents, but today they were $1.49.

For lunch we had cous cous with peas, chicken tenderloins with green peppers stewed in some senegalaise peanut sauce in my freezer from the Soirée Sénégalaise. It was delicious, of course, with pita. I also brought over the cheese plate from my fridge, and some mini cheesecake squares from my freezer.

Then what happened? Surfed the net for a while, watched some Futurama, blogged. Blogging.

Tonight; no Simbang Gabi. Gotta stop by work to pick up my Christmas loot (a jar of jam, a pouch of salmon chowder concentrate, various other gifts-for-teacher). Faculty bowling is at 8:55, which is the way we market 9:00 pm, nowadays. I will miss Battlestar Galactica, but I will download it tomorrow and watch it on my laptop.

May the force be with you, or whatever.

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