Sunday, May 21, 2006

That's right: a gallon.

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So I went to a soir�e senegalaise last night. Actually, I helped put it on, to the extent that helping the hostess make copies and staying after to clean up is "helping."

I confess, I didn't take my camera. Too many students, anyway.

The menu: (I'll be back later with the senegalaise words)

  • baked chicken
  • creamy onions, suprisingly spicey
  • baked root vegetables
  • baked fish
  • spicey red rice

There was also peanut sauce, but I didn't serve myself any, because it seemed there was choice between the peanut sauce and the spicey creamy onions.

After dinner some senegalaise drummers played, led a sing along, showed people how to dance � la senegalaise (ending with a kick); there was a conga line.... it was a riot, and nobody was drunk. It was rhythm euphoria. At the end we all sang a 'thank you' song in Wolof.

Then the students deserted, and the organizers and I stayed to clean up. When everything was done, we went into the kitchen and found a gallon of senegalaise peanut sauce. I took it home. That's right, a gallon.

So for breakfast today, fried eggs on rice with peanut sauce. Lunch will be spinach and tofu with peanut sauce. Dinner will be meatloaf with peanut sauce.

If there's a limit to one man's ability to eat peanut sauce, I'm going to explore it.