Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Captain's log, stardate 200612.19.19

Elevated rapid transit is awesome. I can tell you that the elevated sections of the Paris Metro are the best parts of the system, in terms of riding experience. Do the noise and arial obstructions outweigh the convenience? Anyone in Chicago will tell you 'no.'

So why do I like monorails instead of heavy elevated or light rail? Because elevated monorails DON'T DERAIL.

Let's see, for breakfast I made a cheese omelet and some bacon.

Went to Ross to buy my chair; stopped at the Spanish Table to buy a bottle. Wandered around the Market for a while, had a cup of chowder and a crab roll for lunch. Forgot to drop off my pants for buttons; oh well.

For dinner I made steak and potatoes, deglazed again with some sake. I had some of my left over pie for dessert.

So I went into work today to to pick up some stuff, and found that a colega had left me a little tin of chocolate walnut cookies. Delicious. She wrote "to: khuya" in Arabic, which means "my brother."

See? Arabic and Tagalog are the same language!

I keep forgetting; I saw Mario Battali yesterday, as I drove past Zeitgeist.

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ding said...

and no one will say how exactly that train derailed.

that's the train i'm supposed to take to the airport monday! i'm screwed!