Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This might be the one.

What do you think? Too conventional?

I like this olive color, but at the store they told me they only had a beigey color.

I would have to buy accent pillows: I think I would have to solicit the help of someone with... taste.

$1300 at Dania.

Nap time.


Trope said...

Argh! THREE corners! Again, I suppose you're okay with that. Looks good to me, though if you like the olive I'd hold out for it.

I'm stalking your RSS feed because I'm looking for BSG posts and I'm too chicken to go check out the TWOP boards. Not that you have to write anything, but I don't want you fearing my frequent presence. Never mind. Happy Thanksgiving, though! Or happy no-work Thursday, whichever applies.

myrna said...

That could look nice in your living room. Have to rearrange (and remove some stuff). Olive color would be a good color. I have good taste. I know a place to get decorative pillows.