Thursday, November 30, 2006

"It's not that bad. "

The local anchors are teasing the weather wonk about wearing shorts in the cold weather. "It's not that bad," says the weather wonk.

In grad school, we invented a mythology, and one of the characters was "that white guy" who always wore shorts no matter how cold it was outside. Invariably "that white guy" would respond, "actually, it's not that bad."

It's now a little before seven, and my school's late start still hasn't been listed on tv. I'm sure the website hasn't been corrected either.

I cranked up the heat, to see if my heater would respond. It has. Why did it punish me for the two coldest days of the year? I'll have to turn it down again when I go to work.

This commercial
cracks me up.


myrna said...

Call Columbia Heating or whatever it's name is and have them look at your timer or ask them what caused it to act up.

Anonymous said...

Do you like it because he's dorky like you? :)

The best part is, "Hiyee"