Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome to the Family, K!

I just got back from Cowsin R and K's wedding.

The Mass was fine, and the presder was Father MR, who has got to be everybody's favorite priest. He is gracious, well spoken, down-to-earth; just the best.

The reception? Fun! I think there was a concerted effort to have a classy, grown up reception with salmon and prime rib. Some of the stuff you might expect to see at a filipino wedding was not present; no veil and chord, no filipino food, no money dance.... and then there was the rumor that the Electric Slide was on the "do not play" list.

Ha ha, well, in an act of Non Violent Direct Action, the cousins started doing the Electric Slide to "Lady Marmelade," and they got the entire dance floor doing it. I have to tell you, my friends, that forbidden, defiant Electric Slide looked bu-BAD, y'all. There were hands in the air, there was booty shaking.

Later, when the bride wasn't looking, the DJ played the actual Electric Slide song. This time, it looked like the tired old line dance it always is. Funny!

They had fresh apples in the centerpieces; they were delicious, although it wasn't clear that people were supposed to eat them.

It was so good to see all those California cowsins!

And, speaking of California cowsins, Cousin F on the other side of my family just got engaged. Best wishes!

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