Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fat Apollo

Went to the store, bought some tomatoes and mozzarella, some corn for 59 cents an ear.

I know at least one of my readers will be interested in how they make Apollo fat. Also, I have a friend in China who hasn't seen the webisodes, he says they're only available to IP addresses in the US. Yikes. How do you get around that?

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Trope said...

In S1, before we joined the ranks of the cable-subscribing, we got around the SciFi restriction by having a friend TiVo the eps, burn them to DVD, and mail them to us from Madison, WI. I don't know much about computers, so that's the method I'd recommend for your friend in China. ('Course, there aren't any censors between here and Madison, so that might introduce an extra element of surprise...)

My relatives who live in China said they thought they were being super sneaky and getting around the web restrictions by logging onto US or UK Google or Yahoo when they searched a term. After they came back to the States, they realized that the web filters were in place even then, and they weren't getting nearly as much content as they thought they were getting.

I found this week's episode a little easier to stomach than the season opener, but it's still brushing the edges of how political I want my TV to be. And since I've realized my love for Apollo is shallow, I've had to rely on my deep love for Tyrol and Starbuck to keep me tuned in.

Thanks for the link!